March 10, 2015


John Colins New Hidden Upstairs Sushi Bar: Takoba

Though it has been in soft opening mode for a number of weeks, the official opening of Takoba, a sushi bar hidden upstairs in John Colins, was February 24, in conjunction with the classic bar’s 10th anniversary. The chilled out bar brings feel-good vibes with beach scenes projecting on the back wall, surfboards and a new cocktail menu playing with tropical themes, as with the Manhattan Beach (Mt. Gay Rum, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, tiki bitters and Fruitlab Organic Ginger Liqueur) or the Hi-Tai (a classic Mai Tai but with hibiscus tea and syrup). Chef Mark Hayashida first launched Takoba as a pop-up in the bar, which proved popular and now has a permanent home upstairs starting at 5 PM each night. Here’s what you’ll find up from the Takoba sushi perch overlooking the bar below.

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 5 PM-2 AM; Friday 4 PM-2 AM; Saturday 9 PM-2 AM.

138 Minna St., 415-512-7493

Photos by: Virginia Miller
Even while weekends bring out DJs and dancing, upstairs remains intimate and cozy. From this perch, you can also order cocktails from downstairs, like the signature John Colins (a Bourbon Sour made with fresh orange, lemon and honey) or an intense house margarita infused with habaneros and Thai chilis.